Speaking at WordCamp Minneapolis 2016

We’ve been busy organizing WordCamp Minneapolis and this is the big weekend! I’m speaking about Classy Theming & Getting Granular on Foundation Friday in the Intro to Design track.

I put a Classy Child Theme on GitHub with the notes and code for my presentation if you’d like to check it out.

This is a busy week in Minneapolis, with Prestige Conference right after WordCamp, so it should be a great start to my conference season this summer!

Speaking at WordCamp Milwaukee 2015

G7hD7gCUThis weekend I’ll be at WordCamp Milwaukee, last year in Milwaukee I talked about building better widgets and this year I’m talking about building better themes!

This is my only WordCamp this summer, they seem to be spreading out throughout the year now, which is good. So my goal for the year is one each season, Minneapolis in the spring, Milwaukee this summer, Chicago in the fall, and Philadelphia this winter for the first ever WordCamp US!

Building Your First Functionality Plugin

I gave a talk at WordCamp Minneapolis 2015 about building functionality plugins. We talked about the difference between themes and plugins, and what should go in each. I covered getting setup for writing a plugin, best practices for WordPress development, and gave some real world examples of plugin functionality.

You can check out my slides, or the code the example child theme and example functionality plugin on GitHub.

Update: Here is a video of my talk from WordCamp Minneapolis 2015:

Speaking at WordCamp Minneapolis 2015

WordCamp Minneapolis 2015 Speaker We’ve been hard at work getting ready for WordCamp Minneapolis this weekend and I think it will be the best one yet! The schedule is packed with great sessions, we’ve got a Mexican buffet lined up for lunch, and some awesome looking swag courtesy of Westwerk and Marktime Media.

My session is called Building Your First Functionality Plugin and I’ll be talking about what should be in a WordPress theme, and what should be in a plugin. This will be an intro to building plugins for new developers and will also cover how a functionality plugin might differ from a standard plugin.

Minneapolis should be a great start to another year of awesome WordCamps, I hope to see some of you there!