Small Meteor Slides update for Members plugin

I have one more small update for Meteor Slides, version 1.5.6, which includes updated support and functionality for the latest version of the Members plugin.

Members 1.1.1

The latest version of the Members plugin has some big changes, including the addition of a new admin section for the role manager with new capabilities groups. This version of Meteor Slides has been updated to support these changes in Members. Meteor Slides will also add a custom Meteor Slides capabilities group with all of the custom capabilities for managing slides.

If you have Meteor Slides and Members both installed it is important to update both plugins to the latest version to avoid plugin conflicts. Check out this previous post about using the Members plugin with Meteor Slides for more info about why you might want to use these plugins together.

Using the Members plugin with Meteor Slides

One of the new features in Meteor Slide 1.4 that needs covering in more detail is support for the Members plugin. Using Members, you can control which roles can create and edit slides and slideshows, and which can change the slides settings.

By default slide posts use the same capabilities as blog posts and only admins can change the slide settings. So admins, editors, and authors can create new slides, and contributors can create slide post drafts. This is straightforward, but not exactly ideal.

Most of the time I only want the admin and editor to create and edit slides. And what if you want to give an editor access to the settings? This is where Members comes in handy. Read More