Speaking at WordCamp Minneapolis 2015

WordCamp Minneapolis 2015 Speaker We’ve been hard at work getting ready for WordCamp Minneapolis this weekend and I think it will be the best one yet! The schedule is packed with great sessions, we’ve got a Mexican buffet lined up for lunch, and some awesome looking swag courtesy of Westwerk and Marktime Media.

My session is called Building Your First Functionality Plugin and I’ll be talking about what should be in a WordPress theme, and what should be in a plugin. This will be an intro to building plugins for new developers and will also cover how a functionality plugin might differ from a standard plugin.

Minneapolis should be a great start to another year of awesome WordCamps, I hope to see some of you there!

Using WordPress For Project Management


At WordUp Minneapolis 2014 I gave a talk on using WordPress for project management.

In this session I talked about building a simple project management app with WordPress using the P2 theme and a handful of plugins. With this app you can create to do lists, check off those tasks, and mark posts as unresolved or resolved.

The base of this tool is the P2 theme, which allows you to easily make new project posts from the frontend of the site. This theme is extended with P2 Resolved Posts, P2 New Post Categories, and a custom plugin of mine called P2 Projects. I also use the Members plugin to make the site private.

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Speaking at WordCamp Minneapolis 2014

wordcamp-mpls-2014-badge-speakerI’ve been so busy lately with client projects, helping organize WordCamp Minneapolis, and getting settled into my new office, that I almost forgot to write about it on my own blog!

WordCamp Minneapolis 2014 is this weekend, April 26-27th, and I’ll be speaking on Saturday. My talk is called Don’t let your site jump the shark, it’s in the design track and I’ll be talking about using animation on websites successfully.

The schedule is full of awesome talks, this is going to be the best WordCamp Minneapolis yet, so if you haven’t already, you should get a ticket! Read More

Speaking at WordCamp Minneapolis 2013

WordCamp Minneapolis 2013 Badge I’m speaking at WordCamp Minneapolis next month, my session is called Inspecting WordPress. I’ll be talking about using Firebug or other web inspectors to dig into a site and learn how it is put together, make CSS tweaks, fix bugs, and optimize a site.

Several of us from the local MSP WordPress user group have been busy organizing the WordCamp. Everyone’s been doing an awesome job, the schedule, venues, parties, and swag are all coming along nicely. I built the theme, designed by the talented guys at WerkPress, and I’ve been managing the site. We just posted the speakers and sessions, there’s going to be a lot of brainpower to tap into.

WordCamp Season

This will be the start of a busy WordCamp season for me. I remember five years ago wondering if there would ever be any WordCamps in the Midwest. Then in 2009 I went to Chicago for their first WordCamp, and we had our first WordCamp in Minnesota the next year.

Now in 2013 I’m wondering if I will be able to attend all the WordCamps in my area! After WordCamp Minneapolis I’ll be taking a break for a month, and then in June I’ll be heading to WordCamp Winnipeg, WordCamp Milwaukee, and WordCamp Chicago.

I’m really looking forward to all three of these. Even though I was raised on CBC over a pair of rabbit ears and it’s only 300 miles away, I’ve never been to Canada, so I need to fix that. Last year I missed out on the nearest WordCamp next door in Wisconsin because I was speaking at WordCamp NYC. I try making it to Chicago every year, to me it’s the Midwest’s WordCamp San Francisco and I like to think it’s just as awesome!

After all that I’m taking July off and doing some proper camping, with tents.

Speaking at WordUp Minneapolis 2012 next week

Next weekend, on October 13, the MSP WordPress User Group will be having its first WordUp Minneapolis conference. The event is from 9am to 4pm at the Minneapolis Community & Technical College downtown and costs just ten dollars.

The format for WordUp will basically be a mini-WordCamp. We had our first WordCamp Minneapolis in 2010 and WordUp 2012 will hopefully be a solid stepping stone towards our next WordCamp in early 2013!

We’ve got a lot of good sessions planned for users of all levels and interests. In my session I’ll be talking about creating easy to use post types, using existing plugins to build unique admin interfaces for the end user with custom taxonomies and metaboxes.

I’ll also be staffing the tech shop, it’s like a live support forum where you get your answer right away, but you have to be nicer, and no bumping! So if you’re in Minnesota and you’ve got ten bucks, you should definitely grab a ticket.