I have always been a doodler and have a background in traditional art, trying my hand at illustration, painting, printing, photography, and more.

Wanting to make video games, I switched to digital and from games moved into experimenting with animation and video production. After getting my Associate’s Degree in Multimedia Design Technology I did graphic design and layout for magazines, newspapers, and small businesses before switching from print to web.

Over the years I have tried many options for building websites: static HTML, Flash, and quite a few web publishing platforms. Of all these platforms, WordPress stood out to me as the most user friendly option and I began to dig deeper into the code, customizing and developing themes and plugins for projects, releasing my own plugin called Meteor Slides, and getting involved in the WordPress community.

I still like to doodle and work on art projects, usually with my kids these days. I read a lot of science fiction and comics and plan to create my own graphic novel someday.