Speaking at WordCamp Minneapolis 2016

We’ve been busy organizing WordCamp Minneapolis and this is the big weekend! I’m speaking about Classy Theming & Getting Granular on Foundation Friday in the Intro to Design track.

I put a Classy Child Theme on GitHub with the notes and code for my presentation if you’d like to check it out.

This is a busy week in Minneapolis, with Prestige Conference right after WordCamp, so it should be a great start to my conference season this summer!

Small Meteor Slides update for Members plugin

I have one more small update for Meteor Slides, version 1.5.6, which includes updated support and functionality for the latest version of the Members plugin.

Members 1.1.1

The latest version of the Members plugin has some big changes, including the addition of a new admin section for the role manager with new capabilities groups. This version of Meteor Slides has been updated to support these changes in Members. Meteor Slides will also add a custom Meteor Slides capabilities group with all of the custom capabilities for managing slides.

If you have Meteor Slides and Members both installed it is important to update both plugins to the latest version to avoid plugin conflicts. Check out this previous post about using the Members plugin with Meteor Slides for more info about why you might want to use these plugins together.

Meteor Slides update for WordPress 4.4 & Twenty Sixteen

I just released Meteor Slides 1.5.5. This is a small update that adds support for responsive images using srcset in WordPress 4.4 and fixes some Twenty Sixteen theme conflicts.

WordPress 4.4

Meteor Slides has been responsive for years now, scaling the slideshow images down for smaller screens and devices. But WordPress 4.4 adds new built in support for responsive images using srcset. What this means is that rather than loading the full size images and shrinking them at smaller sizes, it will actually detect the size of the screen or device and load smaller images. This will reduce the file size of the images that are loaded on smaller screens, speeding up the load time of your websites!

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Speaking at WordCamp Milwaukee 2015

G7hD7gCUThis weekend I’ll be at WordCamp Milwaukee, last year in Milwaukee I talked about building better widgets and this year I’m talking about building better themes!

This is my only WordCamp this summer, they seem to be spreading out throughout the year now, which is good. So my goal for the year is one each season, Minneapolis in the spring, Milwaukee this summer, Chicago in the fall, and Philadelphia this winter for the first ever WordCamp US!