Inspecting WordPress With Firebug

I have been using WordPress for about six years. Different themes, plugins, and code editors have come and gone through this huge learning process as I have developed hundreds of websites, but the one constant for me has been the Firefox add-on Firebug.

It’s the only tool that I have stuck with throughout those years because I have been able to learn so much with Firebug and build projects so much faster by using it.

If you have never used a web inspector like Firebug before, what it does is allow you to bridge the gap between the source code and the rendered out page in your browser. You can look at each bit of code interactively and see how it fits into the page, adjusting the code in the inspector and seeing the updates live in your browser.

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Multiple Slideshows for Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides 1.3 is now available for download. This version of Meteor Slides supports multiple slideshows and includes a number of improvements and fixes.

I have updated the Meter Slides homepage and and added detailed documentation. Check out the new screencast below to learn more about the newest version.

Video Overview

This screencast shows some of the new features in 1.3, such as adding multiple slideshows, and using metadata.

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Meteor Slides updates and screencast

It has been one week since I released Meteor Slides and I have been getting a lot of great feedback.

Nearly 600 people have tried out Meteor Slides so far which is just awesome, thanks everybody! If anyone uses my plugin on a live site, be sure to leave a comment with a link, I’d love to see it in action.

A couple of sharp-eyed users have spotted bugs in my plugin and were kind enough to report them. If you spot any more bugs, please let me know.

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