A few Meteor Slides updates

I just released Meteor Slides 1.3.1, which fixes thumbnail registration conflicts, transparent images issues, and navigation for multiple slideshows.

There have been a few projects where I have needed to customize the template for the slideshow, so this version adds support for a custom slideshow template. I added some documentation for using a custom template which shows how to add titles or captions to the slides, and there is also now a page in the documentation on custom stylesheets. Read More

Multiple Slideshows for Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides 1.3 is now available for download. This version of Meteor Slides supports multiple slideshows and includes a number of improvements and fixes.

I have updated the Meter Slides homepage and and added detailed documentation. Check out the new screencast below to learn more about the newest version.

Video Overview

This screencast shows some of the new features in 1.3, such as adding multiple slideshows, and using metadata.

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Meteor Slides is going global

Eugen at WPTuts.ro wrote a post about Meteor Slides, and even took the time to make some awesome screenshots that explain the plugin’s interface in Romanian.

One of the features on my to-do list is adding support for localization so that users can translate Meteor Slides into any language they choose.

I held off on this feature in the initial release, because there just isn’t that much text in the plugin to be translated. But my goal with Meteor Slides was to make it easy to use with an intuitive interface, and a big part of that usability is being able to read the interface!

To help meet that goal, translation support is the next feature I’ll be releasing for Meteor Slides.

Translators needed!

However this feature isn’t very useful without some translation files, and my high school french isn’t going to be of much help.

If anyone would like to volunteer to translate Meteor Slides it’d be much appreciated. I can provide you with a POT file if you have the software to use it, or I can send you plain text and create the file from your translation. Just leave a comment or email me: mail@jleuze.com

Meteor Slides 1.1.1

I released an update for Meteor Slides that fixes a few bugs. If you find more bugs, please let me know.

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My first plugin, Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides makes it simple to manage a slideshow with WordPress by adding a custom post type for slides.

There are many slideshow plugins to choose from, and I have a few good ones that I like to use. But each one seems to have some issues.

Constructive Criticism

The biggest issue is that some of them only have one transition. Personally, fade is the only transition I need. But when you have a slideshow all set up, and the client decides they want they want a diagonal wipe transition, you want options!

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