Eugen at wrote a post about Meteor Slides, and even took the time to make some awesome screenshots that explain the plugin’s interface in Romanian.

One of the features on my to-do list is adding support for localization so that users can translate Meteor Slides into any language they choose.

I held off on this feature in the initial release, because there just isn’t that much text in the plugin to be translated. But my goal with Meteor Slides was to make it easy to use with an intuitive interface, and a big part of that usability is being able to read the interface!

To help meet that goal, translation support is the next feature I’ll be releasing for Meteor Slides.

Translators needed!

However this feature isn’t very useful without some translation files, and my high school french isn’t going to be of much help.

If anyone would like to volunteer to translate Meteor Slides it’d be much appreciated. I can provide you with a POT file if you have the software to use it, or I can send you plain text and create the file from your translation. Just leave a comment or email me:

Meteor Slides 1.1.1

I released an update for Meteor Slides that fixes a few bugs. If you find more bugs, please let me know.

FEatured Image Array Conflicts

A user reported a conflict with a theme that disabled the featured image functionality for slides.

The theme was enabling featured images for just posts, and my plugin enables them for just slides. This creates two arrays for the featured image option, and whichever one runs last wins.

Turns out that it is tricky to add featured image support for a specific post type that doesn’t conflict with themes and other plugins that are doing the same thing.

I was stumped, so I stopped by one of my favorite WordPress haunts, WP Tavern, looking for help. Rarst kindly shared some code that gracefully merges the featured image settings of Meteor Slides with those of other themes and plugins.

Slideshow Stylesheet and markup tweaks

A few users were having problems with a “flash of unstyled content” that was revealing all of the slides before the slideshow was fully loaded. I fixed this by styling all but the first slide to be hidden until everything loads.

I also expanded the markup so that the slideshow and each slide have a unique ID and generic class, this should give users more options when trying to style their slideshow.

Again, if you have questions about using Meteor Slides, try watching the screencast that I recorded.

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