New features & languages for Meteor Slides

One of my goals with Meteor Slides is to keep it very clean and minimalist, particularly on the front end. On my own site, I am using the plugin as a promo banner with just three slides, so adding navigation would be unnecessary.

But some people have been using Meteor Slides to display a gallery of a dozen or more photos, and in this situation navigation would be helpful. So I added navigation to this version of Meteor Slides, it is an optional feature that is off by default and can be activated in the Meteor Slides Settings.

You can see the navigation in action on my homepage. Read More

Translations for Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides now includes localization support so that it can be translated into any language. Indonesian and Turkish translations are currently included with the plugin, Italian and Romanian translations should be released soon.

Meteor Slides in your language?

If you would like to volunteer to translate Meteor Slides into your language it would be a big help!

You can download the PO file if you know how to use it, or grab the plain text file and I’ll take it from there. Please email your translation to:

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