I released Meteor Slide 1.5.3 yesterday. This update has some minor stylesheet tweaks to fix conflicts with the new default theme, TwentyFifteen, as well as some other common theme issues. Meteor Slides 1.5.3 also includes a new Norwegian translation and updated Swedish translation.

WordPress 4.1

Meteor Slides has been tested with the latest release of WordPress and is fully compatible. I have also tested the plugin with WordPress 4.0, but this is the minimum requirement. I don’t test any further back than that and I encourage everyone to keep WordPress and all of their themes and plugins updated.

A New Translation

As a Minnesotan with roots in Norway, I’m excited to have a new Norwegian translation of Meteor Slides. This completes the Scandinavian trio of translations, which I think calls for another round of lefse this holiday season!

  • Norwegian: Translation by Andreas Lutro
  • Updated Swedish: Translation update by Christian Arwin


This weekend Meteor Slides should reach 400,000 downloads, that’s a whole lot of slideshows! I’m excited, and little scared, to see Meteor Slides hit a half million downloads some time in 2015.

Thanks everyone who has downloaded and used my plugin, I appreciate all of your reviews and other feedback!

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  1. Hey Josh,

    Great work on the Meteor Slides plugin! Just wondering if you have any plans of updating this plugin in 2015?


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