I’ve been getting a ton of feedback about Meteor Slides lately, and seeing some really awesome looking sites using my plugin.

Meteor Slides recently broke 5000 downloads on WordPress.org and got its eleventh 5 star rating, thanks everyone for trying out my plugin and leaving a rating or feedback. And I want to give a special thank you to the users who have been kind enough to support this plugin with a donation.

I just released Meteor Slides 1.2.3, which includes paged slide navigation. The paged buttons goes together with the left/right navigation and neither will be added to your slideshow unless you enable navigation in the settings.

You can see how the paged navigation works on my homepage. The buttons can be easily modified or even hidden completely with CSS if you would prefer a different design.

Support for multiple slideshows coming soon!

Quite a few users have requested multiple slideshow functionality, and I am pleased to announce that Meteor Slides 1.3 will included this feature.

I have an alpha version of 1.3 put together with multiple slideshows working and I am hoping to release it by the end of September. This will be a pretty big update with a lot of little changes to make multiple slideshows easy to use, so I would like to get a few beta testers involved before I release it as an update if anyone is interested.

Also, if anyone would like to sponsor this next release of Meteor Slides, please let me know.

Meteor Slides in your language?

If you would like to translate Meteor Slides, you can download the PO or text file and email me your translation.

Meteor Slides 1.2.3

Centered slides, fixed navigation bugs, and added slideshow navigation buttons.

Centered Slides:

Slide images that have a smaller width than the slide dimensions will now be centered.

Navigation Bugs:

A few of the transitions caused the slides to drop or become cropped when the navigation was enabled. The navigation should now work fully with all transitions.

Slideshow Navigation:

The slideshow navigation now includes paged buttons which highlight the current slide, and allow direct navigation to any slide in the show.

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  1. This is a great plugin.
    I have tried many and none work as smooth as this. I will be donating today.

    Only one question. There is a feature on some plugins that allow for a KEN BURNS style pan and zoom. Is there a way to do this on your plugin?

    Thanks for your great work!

    • Hi Chris, thanks for trying Meteor Slides. The closest available transition is fadeZoom, but that’s not nearly close enough!

      I haven’t added any custom transitions yet, but I’m a big Ken Burns fan and it is possible to do this with jQuery, so that will definitely be the first transition I work on.

  2. Hello, I love this plugin is great, but I have a problem I do not focus the images on the slide and would like to help me with that, otherwise they could put a tutorial or how to get a job done well Slide with Meteor?

    • Hi José, I don’t quite understand the problem you are having. Could clarify it a bit, or post a link to the site you are having the problem on?

  3. Hi, sorry do not place the link on my page to explain better. And placed, the situation is this, the size I gave to the slide is the same place as the image featured picture, the slide will move the button left / right to move images, but the image as that is not centered on the slide but is placed to the left of the screen, it temporarily solved with Align = “center” but the tag want to focus and stay that way.

    • No problem, the slideshow code that the shortcode loads will escape from the paragraph tags that center it, so I would remove that and try using CSS instead.

      If you add this line of code to your theme’s stylesheet it should center the slideshow for you:

      #wrapper #meteor-slideshow {
          width: 640px;
          margin: 0 auto;
  4. Thank you very much, hey did not see that option as I left the head. I really like Meteor Slide: P

  5. Josh, i love the idea of the plugin but I can’t seam to get to work on the site that I’m working on. None of the images that i uploaded show. not sure what i’m missing. cosmetikus.com is the site

    • Hi Marco, your theme has a built in slider that is conflicting with Meteor Slides. The theme is loading incorrectly loading jQuery in a couple of places, you’d have to fix or remove these. And there are also a couple of rules in your stylesheet targeting .slides that would have to be tweaked or removed.

  6. Hey 😉

    I try to hide the slideshow_navigation on the home template. How ca i write the function? What arguments may i place?

    meteor_slideshow( arguments to load slideshow and hide navigation manually );


    • Hi Jakob, if you need the navigation on some slideshows and not others, I would use a custom stylesheet to hide the navigation.

      If you are using a specific slideshow, you can target the nav of that slideshow using the ID. Like on my homepage I have the “Home” slideshow, and its ID is “meteor-slideshowhome”. I could hide the nav on that slideshow with a rule that looks like this:

      #meteor-slideshowhome:hover ul.meteor-nav { display: none; }

  7. Hi. You slider is very cool. Now i installed j-Shortcodes and the slideshow Stops After the First image. I think it is a jquery conflict. Is there a Way to solve the Problem? Thanks for help and sorry for my bad bad english

    • Marc, I tested j-Shortcodes and Meteor Slides together and they worked fine for me. Do you have any other plugins installed that could be contributing to this issue?

  8. great job Josh
    u are awesome
    thank u very much

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