I just released Meteor Slide 1.5.2, a plugin update which includes a new Slides icon and other styling adjustments to match the admin in WordPress 4.0. This update also includes some new and updated translations, bringing the total number of translations up to twenty-five!

New Slides Icon

This update streamlines the admin a bit, removing both the image icons from the plugin and replacing them with a default Dashicon. Dashicons is a icon font set that is built into the new WordPress admin, these icons scale to fit any screen size and resolution. Aside from the new icon, the admin styling for Meteor Slides has been trimmed back to match the minimalism of the latest WordPress admin.

More Translations

Thanks to a few more awesome translators, Meteor Slides is now available in twenty-six languages, from Belarusian to Vietnamese!

  • Bulgarian: Translation by Georgi Parvanov
  • Greek: Translation by Margarit Koka
  • Serbo-Croatian: Translation by Andrijana Nikoli
  • Updated Japanese: Translation file fixed by tecking

Meteor Slides 1.6

I haven’t released an update for Meteor Slides in quite a while. The plugin has been solid since the latest release and has continued to work well with each new version of WordPress that has been released so I have held off on making any unnecessary updates.

But development is underway on Meteor Slides 1.6 which has a small list of bug fixes, performance improvements, and some new features as well. The biggest change that will be coming in 1.6 is updating the jQuery plugin that powers the slideshows from Cycle to Cycle 2. This is a completely new jQuery plugin that has a ton of improvements but works quite differently from the original Cycle script so it will require a lot of careful planning and testing to ensure a smooth transition in Meteor Slides.

I’ll be working on this update throughout the winter and hopefully I’ll have something to share with everyone by next spring!

Thank you everyone who tried my plugin, used it on projects, or left me feedback. Your reviews and donations are most welcome as well!

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  1. Hi Josh,

    Is there a simple solution for centering the slideshow? One one site I was able to center it simply by using [meteor_slideshow]. That code is failing on the site I’m currently working on for a friend. It’s left-aligned and I cannot change it.

    I really appreciate this great plugin!

    • The formatting disappeared in that comment. I meant to say that the code I used was …


  2. Hi Michelle, you can center the slideshow by using metadata to change the alignment.

  3. Well, this is the last time I will try to explain it, since it keeps getting stripped. 😀

    center [meteor_slideshow] /center — with the greater than and less than symbols … basic HTML

  4. I did try that (having searched your blog for the solution) and it is failing to work.

    Page in question: http://www.healthyfamilyfoodscanada.com/

    • That slideshow is centered, but it is too wide, it fills the whole width of the column so it doesn’t need to center.

      The slideshow dimensions are set to the defaults, 940×200. If you update these in the settings to 500×200 to match the slide images, then the slideshow will only be 600px wide and it will center within that column.

  5. That was it! Thank you for helping me out, and in such a timely manner!

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