Today I released Meteor Slides 1.5.4. This tiny update changes the code for setting up the slideshow widget for WordPress 4.3, which will be coming out soon. This only updates how the widget is added to WordPress and doesn’t change the admin interface for the widget or how slideshow widgets display on the frontend of a site.

WordPress 4.3

With this update Meteor Slides is fully compatible with the current version of WordPress, 4.2.2, and the next release, 4.3. I would definitely recommend that everyone take the time to update WordPress, Meteor Slides, and the rest of their plugins to the latest versions!

Meteor Slides 1.6

This should be the last 1.5.X release for Meteor Slides. I have been working on Meteor Slides 1.6 for quite a while now and it should be ready for release by the end of the summer. The new version will have a lot of performance improvements and will include better support for extending and customizing slideshows. You can check out the current working version of 1.6 on Github if you would like to keep up with the latest changes or test it out.

Meteor Slides, WordPress