Next weekend, on October 13, the MSP WordPress User Group will be having its first WordUp Minneapolis conference. The event is from 9am to 4pm at the Minneapolis Community & Technical College downtown and costs just ten dollars.

The format for WordUp will basically be a mini-WordCamp. We had our first WordCamp Minneapolis in 2010 and WordUp 2012 will hopefully be a solid stepping stone towards our next WordCamp in early 2013!

We’ve got a lot of good sessions planned for users of all levels and interests. In my session I’ll be talking about creating easy to use post types, using existing plugins to build unique admin interfaces for the end user with custom taxonomies and metaboxes.

I’ll also be staffing the tech shop, it’s like a live support forum where you get your answer right away, but you have to be nicer, and no bumping! So if you’re in Minnesota and you’ve got ten bucks, you should definitely grab a ticket.

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  1. Hi Josh,

    I’m trying to plan the best workshops to attend at WPup! Tomorrow. Can you help me understand whether your classes will be a fit for me?

    You know that I’m mostly non-techy but like it as long as it’s at an accessible level. My skill level is perhaps intermediate with HTML, novice CSS, not really any java or php to mention and expect those to come further down the line. I use plugins when I need functionality that I don’t already have. I’m not interested in building for others at this time. Just us. Largely, need to focus on content but also need to keep things running, keep up, and I have some more advanced functionality in mind like commerce, membership, user portal.

    Could you please tell me:

    Re: WordPress plugins for fun, excitement, money, and pleasure.
    Will this class be covering selection and use of existing plug-ins or development of new ones?

    Re: Creating easy-to-use post types.
    I like the “easy-to-use” part but not sure about the “creating” part. I just stumbled upon the whole concept of post types when exploring a good way to work with testimonials. It seems like a good application, I think. Anyway, I see that one can create post type functionality by building off the WP core. There are also plugins for UI. There is even one for testimonials using post types. I’m thinking the latter might be best for me at my skill level but am also interested in the broader functionality for, as yet undefined application in the future. Would I be suited for your class or better off in the intermediate “Make you site look good” class. (I’m using a Studio Press theme.)

    thanks for your help!

    • Hi Bill, the plugin panel won’t involve any coding, we’ll be talking about plugins we like and how to make good plugin choices, so it should be helpful for you.

      My session on easy post types is listed as advanced, but it won’t include a whole lot of code, it’s more about the strategy of how to best setup the admin for end users to manage content easily. So it won’t be super advanced, but will be geared towards devs and designers building sites for clients, so might not be super relevant to your goals.

      I’ll see you tomorrow!

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