I recently released Meteor Slides 1.3.1, this version should work just fine in most situations.

But there is an issue with using multiple slideshows of different sizes. Not all of the different elements in the slideshow are resizing dynamically when the dimensions are changed in the metadata. This issue is most noticeable when using navigation.

I have a development version of Meteor Slides 1.3.2 in trunk that fixes this problem and I could use some help testing it. The CSS and HTML markup of the slideshow have had some significant changes. These changes simplify the slideshow and should make it easier to customize in the future, but they could cause problems with existing customizations.

If you are using multiple slideshows and resizing any of them using metadata, please try the development version and let me know in the comments if this fixes the problem.

I’d also like to hear from users who aren’t having this problem that have tested version 1.3.2 to make sure that it doesn’t cause any new problems!

If you are using a custom stylesheet, please use caution, you might want want to test this on a copy of your site before making it live in case you need to make any changes to your stylesheet.

Meteor Slides

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  1. Hey Josh, I installed 1.3.2 version and it works like a charm. I used this development version because with 1.3.1 it showed error on my page, seems this version has fixed but dont know what was that error.

  2. So far everything looks great with this plugin. However, if someone uses the Google Chrome browser and has the AD BLOCK PLUS addon installed, for some reason it blocks the content of the slider.

    I have adblock plus installed for testing purposes, knowing that there are a lot of people who use this addon, and I want my sites/plugins to work when this addon is installed. With that said, I think it would be highly beneficial if you or anyone could contribute to the code to come up with a work around of some sort to bypass whatever adblock plus is blocking this plugin to do.

    Did you already know about this? Have you already came up with a solution that I have missed? Thanks

    • Hi Gene, I haven’t tried Ad Block Plus on Chrome, but I use it on Firefox and have not encountered this issue.

      Unless someone has specifically flagged your content as an ad, the ad blocker should only be able to block it based on your content. Like if it thinks the images are ads based on the alt or title text. It will also look from the id and class names, so if you had a slideshow named “ads” it would flag that.

      Are you able to see the slideshow on my homepage with the ad blocker on? Could you post a link to the page you are having this problem on?

      • Hey Josh, sorry for the late reply, (we just had a baby). Anyways, I have been doing a lot of testing locally, and online with your plugin, and you were right! The sample image I was testing with had the word “banner” in it. As soon as I changed the filename, it worked.

        So I guess people just need to be aware of how they name their files when they add slides.

        The funny thing is that I have adblock on firefox and chrome, but they work no matter what in firefox, its just Chrome’s browser that is picky with adblock for some reason lol. The same thing happens with other slider plugins as well.

        So as far as I can see, no issues. Great job!

        • In that case, I’m surprised it’s not later, hope you’re getting some sleep!

          Strange that there is a difference between the Chrome and Firefox versions. It shows how picky Ad Block Plus is that it would block something with a word as general as “banner”, that’s good to know.

          • Hopefully this isn’t outside the lines of support – but I was also wondering, if I can integrate this plugin into a theme, so that my “non-technical” clients don’t have to install an extra plugin to get their theme working the way I have it demoed.

            I am trying to provide an “out of the box functionality” for some of my themes so once the user activates it, they would have the plugin all ready enabled.

            What directories or links should I change within the php files to get the plugin to work within the theme rather than outside of the theme as a plugin?

            I have added the entire plugin into my theme, and have also added this to my functions file to call the plugin from within the theme –

            require_once ( get_template_directory() . ‘/meteor-slides/meteor-slides-plugin.php’ );

            Most things work, except the CSS and Javascripts aren’t working so I am assuming they are not being called due to the links pointing to wp-content/plugins/meteor-slides…..Im trying to get this to point to my theme/meteor-slides instead.


          • This should be doable Gene. The way the URLs for the CSS and JavaScript are generated is specific to plugins, but if you replace those functions with theme-specific ones the URLs will work. I would check out this great post by Justin Tadlock that explains these functions.

          • Thanks man! I do plan on leaving everything in tact, as far as the name of the plugin/credits etc, I just really like how simple and efficient this plugin is.

            Thanks again!

  3. Hi Josh,

    I installed your Plugin 1.32 and want to use the Widget. I didn’t get it to work. Only one of the uploded slides is showing up. The slideshow is not starting. With older version it is the same.

    On my other page (http://www.magdeburger-nachrichten.de/archives/category/sport/motorsport/) the older version is working fine. But it is an other theme.

    Any help would be great.

    Yours Jan

    • Hi Jan, so that link is to the site that it is working on? Do you have a link for the site it is not working on? And what theme does that site have?

      Meteor Slides 1.3.2 only fixes some issues with multiple slideshows of different sizes, so it should not work differently than 1.3.1 for you, my best guess is that it is a JavaScript conflict.

      • Hi Josh, thanks for the fast answer! Sorry for that but I thought to put in the link into the required field would be enough 🙂 So here it is: http://programmplatz40.tv/archives/category/kandidaten/ The theme is called “Jenny”.

        • Thanks for the info Jan, the CSS and JS files for Meteor Slides are being loaded in the footer instead of the header. Possibly that theme is missing the or it has been incorrectly added to the header.

          • Hi Josh, thats not it I think, wp_head is included and correct… where do you find out about the footer? footer.php is correct so far (no entries).

          • Look at the source code of the page, the Meteor Slides files are in the footer, something is moving them there.

            There is also more than one copy of jQuery being loaded, your theme or some plugins are loading jQuery from somewhere besides WordPress itself, that might cause some problems.

            Do you have any other plugins installed? First thing I would do is disable them and test the slideshow to confirm is Meteor Slides is conflicting with the theme or another plugin.

  4. I wonder what would it take to be able to add HTML to the slides?

    Ive seen some sliders that are similar to yours but they also have it to where you can add content like a regular blog post in the custom post type section.

    Could this be done easily, or would it require a ton of rewrites to the code?

    I have an example theme that does this that I could send you if you want to see what I’m talking about.


    • Yes Gene, this can be done. The slides are a custom post type which have a lot more options, you could unhook this function and add to it. And then you just need a custom template that loads that extra content.

      • Oh, ok…..I went to the links and I looked around and found the answer I was looking for! All I needed to do was add ‘editor’ in the “supports” area…..I didn’t think it would be that simple. Now I just need to figure out what code to display in the template to make it show whats in the editor, right now it still shows the image only. I will continue researching.

        I will definitely send you a donation for this great plugin very soon.

        Thanks for your help

  5. I have translated it.
    please mail me, and I will give the pack to you.

  6. Hi Josh, awesome fantastic plugin!
    I really really love the admin panel section.

    Do you think it could be possible to mix images with other types of content, such as flash videos? The flash video would be loaded only after a splash picture is clicked.

    I’m embedding videos (uploaded through the wp3 media library) inside pages using “FV WordPress Flowplayer” 1.2.4, which embeds the flv-plus-jpg-splash via a shortcode.
    Thanks a lot,

    • Thanks Mike, nice to know that Meteor Slides is working well for you!

      So do you want to actually embed videos as slides, or do you want to link an image slide to a video and have that video open in a lightbox?

      • Thanks for the fast reply Josh! I’m trying to create something similar to the slider you can see in this theme here: http://www.kriesi.at/themes/cleancut

        The third slide is a poster-splash image, that triggers the flow-player embed – which I can already embed those in WP pages using this terrific plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/fv-wordpress-flowplayer/screenshots

        In the 5th slide there’s also an example of caption text applied as an overlay description paragraph box: is it doable with meteor-slides as well?
        Thanks again!

        • I’m not seeing how Flowplayer loads from an image, is this part of the built in functionality?

          From looking at Kriesi’s slideshow, it looks like he is using jQuery to replace the image with the video embed when you click on the link. It looks like it is setup like a lightbox link, the link is to the Flash video and it has a special video player class.

          I think the easiest way to do something similar with Meteor Slides would be to use an image slide, link it to the video, and use a lightbox or other box plugin to load the video as an overlay. My favorite plugin for this is Lightbox Plus, you can see some video examples here.

          • “I’m not seeing how Flowplayer loads from an image, is this part of the built in functionality?”

            The FV WordPress Flowplayer plug-in takes care of displaying the splash jpg picture, and also handles the replacement of that picture with the flash video embed.
            The FV WordPress Flowplayer is a wordpress plug-in that greatly simplifies using Flowplayer in wordpress.
            The video plug-in doesn’t use jquery, but kriesi slider does.

            Anyways a slider that opens a lightbox would not work too well in this layout, so I’ll try to see if i can customize the slider a bit more: let me know if there are other ways to customize the slider… perhaps I could put the FV shortcode in the title and change the plugin to parse that?

            Again, thanks a lot for your help!

          • OK, if Flowplayer can handle switching the static image to a video you can probably do it somehow.

            I would avoid trying to use the shortcode and just try to get the slideshow to format the link how you need it to be for Flowplayer to work. I think you would need to do it with jQuery like Kriesi’s slideshow so that you could use the FLV URL for the link, and with jQuery check for that extension and add a videoplayer class to any link that is an FLV.

      • Hey Josh – great slideshow plugin! Regarding the question about videos, is it possible to add a video as a slide? I see the option to specify video when I go to add a slide, but my attempts have failed. I’m assuming either this isn’t an option or I’m not using the right file type. (I tried an mp4, btw.)

        • Hi Dave, are you referring to the “From URL” tab in the media uploader where it has the “Audio, Video, or Other File” option?

          That’s something that WordPress uses for adding image or other media to a post or page content, but can’t be used to set the featured image, which is what is used as the slide image.

          By default Meteor Slides doesn’t support video, these comments are referring to customizing it to do that. I haven’t tried it myself, watching video in a slideshow could be tricky. But I have linked slides to a video in a lightbox and that works great.

  7. Man, this plugin is crazy!

    Thanks to your explanation http://www.jleuze.com/plugins/meteor-slides/customizing-the-slideshow-template, I’ve managed to completely re-style the appearance and add captions with a semi-transparent background.

    Captions only work using the “fade” transition, because the that contains “the_title();” is lagging a bit behind when coupled with other transitions (uncover/scrollHorizontal) but that is a minor glitch.
    Newlines using the bg tag are supported as well.

  8. Hey Josh,
    Love, love, LOVE your meteor slide plug-in!!! It’s exactly what my client is looking for. We’re using it as a rotating header in the Weaver theme at http://www.dicarlodigitalcopycenter.com. Everything is working perfectly in WP 3.1 in Safari and Google Chrome, but for some reason its popping off the grid when using the FireFox (on a Mac so I haven’t checked Explorer)

    • Oh wow! – never mind, I see you had posted the solution on the WP forums only a couple days ago!

      In the Weaver template I had to place the just before the tag in both the Section as well as in the “Site Header Insert Code” sections under “Advanced Options”, just in case anyone else asks yeh.

      Thank you so much for your quick responses to peeps as well as your sweet plug in.

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