In preparation for WordPress 3.1 which should be out any day now, I just released Meteor Slides 1.3.2. This version is still compatible with WordPress 3.0 and has been tested up through 3.1 Release Candidate 3.

Meteor Slide 1.3.2 has some updated functionality for WordPress 3.1, improves support for slideshows of different sizes, and now includes contextual help for all of the slideshow admin pages.

This plugin recently reached 17,000 downloads, and after 40 ratings, Meteor Slides is still holding onto five stars! Thanks everyone who has tried my plugin, rated it, and especially those who have been kind enough to donate. Seen a few cool implementations of Meteor Slides lately and I’d love to see more if you want to share a link.

Meteor Slides 1.3.2

Meteor Slides 1.3.2 improves support for multiple slideshows and adds updates for WordPress 3.1 compatability. Any custom stylesheets or templates will need to be updated for use with this release.

  • Improved support for multiple slideshows of different sizes
  • Fixed transparent PNG bug
  • Updated functions for WordPress 3.1 compatibility
  • Updated screenshots for WordPress 3.1
  • Updated jQuery Cycle to 2.94
  • Updated jQuery Metadata to 2.1
  • Added message filters for slides
  • Added contextual help
  • Added Chinese translation by Yu Haoran

Updating Custom Stylesheets and Templates

To fully support multiple slideshows of different sizes I had to make some changes to simplify the markup of the slideshow. This will not affect most users of Meteor Slides, but if you are using a custom stylesheet or slideshow template you will want to replace these with a fresh copy from 1.3.2 and update your changes.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but these changes should improve the flexibility and reliability of the slideshow. If you have any problems or questions please let me know.

Note: I had a generic function in 1.3.2 that was causing a conflict, Meteor Slides 1.3.3 resolves this issue.

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  1. Great work, Josh! Meteor Slides has been amazing for me everywhere I have installed it!

  2. Good plugin. Easy to work with. I used another gallery much like this one, but could not find an easy way to get it into a WordPress page. Only thin I miss in this one is the ability to put a text on/below each slide.

  3. Hey I noticed that whenever I only select 1 slide for “Slideshow Quantity” instead of having multiples slides in the settings page, the width and height aren’t applied to the slide when I refresh the page. It seems to only work correctly when I have more than 1 slide.

    For example if I set the settings to 940px width and 300 height and only select 1 slide to show, the size settings aren’t applied. I could see the difference in firebug.

    • I don’t think jQuery Cycle is setup to handle just one slide since it wouldn’t function as a slideshow.

      • Yeah, I had to add a margin:auto to one of the div’s I think. It centered the slide…….

        Its no big deal for me, I was just wondering what to tell a client that uses a theme with the meteor plugin and only selects 1 slide. I dont know why they would use a slideshow for only 1 slide, but you know someone will do it and ask why it isn’t working lol.


  4. Still the best slideshow I’ve tried. Really nice work. Thanks.

  5. I am starting a new WordPress site from a theme that I just purchased………….meteor slides is not working. I don’t see thumbnails of my slides either in the meteor slides plugin.

  6. Sorry………..see if it works now.

    • It is working for me now. First thing I would do is deactivate any other plugins and test the slideshow to confirm that there aren’t any other plugins conflicting with Meteor Slides. I would also try switching to the default theme to see if the plugin is conflicting with your theme.

      Once you know what Meteor Slides is conflicting with, it will be much easier to fix!

  7. I have all the plugins deactivated except meteor slideshow…………I activated the default theme and nothing works. I purchased the theme and it came with your meteor slideshow plugin.

    Could it be a server issue? The website is hosted on Go Daddy’s server.

    • At least we know it is not conflicting with another theme or plugin. What is the name of the theme, where did you get it?

      You can see the slideshow images fine in the admin, they are attached to the slide posts as featured images?

  8. Sorry…………..I forgot to tell you that I don’t see any thumbnails for the slides in the admin. Thanks for replying so quickly.

  9. Hey Josh-I’m stuck. The slideshow worked at first, but now it’s not appearing on my website. The slides do show up in admin though. Not sure what went wrong. Can you help?

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