Create responsive slideshows with Meteor Slides 1.5

Meteor Slides 1.5 adds responsive slideshow support, touch navigation, an improved slideshow widget, new translations, and updates jQuery Cycle.

Responsive Slideshows

I have been building more responsive websites lately and receiving more and more requests from users for responsive slideshows, so I have updated the slideshows to scale automatically.

If you are using a fixed width theme the slideshows will remain unchanged at their original dimensions. But if you are using a fluid or responsive width theme those are used as the maximum dimensions and the slideshow will scale, shrinking to fit the theme on smaller screens and devices.

Any custom slideshow templates, stylesheets, or scripts you are using would have to be updated from the default versions in 1.5 to add this responsive functionality.

Try resizing the Meteor Slides homepage in your browser to see the responsive slideshow in action! Read More

Using the Members plugin with Meteor Slides

One of the new features in Meteor Slide 1.4 that needs covering in more detail is support for the Members plugin. Using Members, you can control which roles can create and edit slides and slideshows, and which can change the slides settings.

By default slide posts use the same capabilities as blog posts and only admins can change the slide settings. So admins, editors, and authors can create new slides, and contributors can create slide post drafts. This is straightforward, but not exactly ideal.

Most of the time I only want the admin and editor to create and edit slides. And what if you want to give an editor access to the settings? This is where Members comes in handy. Read More

A new look for Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides 1.4 features a new slideshow design, support for the Members plugin, custom slideshow script support, and several new and updated translations.

Meteor Slides has been busy since version 1.3.3 was released. The number of downloads doubled to over 40,000 with nearly 80 ratings and many generous donors have also helped to keep my coffee cup full, thanks!

I recently created a GitHub repository for Meteor Slides; drop by if you’d like to fork, pull, watch, or otherwise fiddle with my plugin.
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Meteor Slides updated for WordPress 3.1

In preparation for WordPress 3.1 which should be out any day now, I just released Meteor Slides 1.3.2. This version is still compatible with WordPress 3.0 and has been tested up through 3.1 Release Candidate 3.

Meteor Slide 1.3.2 has some updated functionality for WordPress 3.1, improves support for slideshows of different sizes, and now includes contextual help for all of the slideshow admin pages.

This plugin recently reached 17,000 downloads, and after 40 ratings, Meteor Slides is still holding onto five stars! Thanks everyone who has tried my plugin, rated it, and especially those who have been kind enough to donate. Seen a few cool implementations of Meteor Slides lately and I’d love to see more if you want to share a link.

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