Help test Meteor Slides 1.3.2

I recently released Meteor Slides 1.3.1, this version should work just fine in most situations.

But there is an issue with using multiple slideshows of different sizes. Not all of the different elements in the slideshow are resizing dynamically when the dimensions are changed in the metadata. This issue is most noticeable when using navigation.

I have a development version of Meteor Slides 1.3.2 in trunk that fixes this problem and I could use some help testing it. The CSS and HTML markup of the slideshow have had some significant changes. These changes simplify the slideshow and should make it easier to customize in the future, but they could cause problems with existing customizations. Read More

A few Meteor Slides updates

I just released Meteor Slides 1.3.1, which fixes thumbnail registration conflicts, transparent images issues, and navigation for multiple slideshows.

There have been a few projects where I have needed to customize the template for the slideshow, so this version adds support for a custom slideshow template. I added some documentation for using a custom template which shows how to add titles or captions to the slides, and there is also now a page in the documentation on custom stylesheets. Read More

Multiple Slideshows for Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides 1.3 is now available for download. This version of Meteor Slides supports multiple slideshows and includes a number of improvements and fixes.

I have updated the Meter Slides homepage and and added detailed documentation. Check out the new screencast below to learn more about the newest version.

Video Overview

This screencast shows some of the new features in 1.3, such as adding multiple slideshows, and using metadata.

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Beta testers needed for Meteor Slides 1.3

I have Meteor Slides 1.3 finished and ready to go, it just needs a bit of testing before I release the final version. I have tested this plugin with the TwentyTen theme and on my own site with some common plugins and it works very well. But there are some big changes in this version and I’d like to hear how it works with a variety of themes and plugins out in the wild.

Features in this version include support for multiple slideshows and metadata. The template tag, shortcode, and widget all support both of these features. I’m especially interested to see how the shortcode and widget work with different themes and plugins. There are also several other small changes, such as expanded navigation options.

Download the beta of Meteor Slides 1.3 and give it a try!

I updated the beta to fix a bug with using metadata to resize a slideshow.

I am currently writing updated documentation and recording some new screencasts for these new features. I’m hoping to release Meteor Slides 1.3 before the end of the month, of course a babysitter and some espresso could speed things up!

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Improved Meteor Slides navigation

I’ve been getting a ton of feedback about Meteor Slides lately, and seeing some really awesome looking sites using my plugin.

Meteor Slides recently broke 5000 downloads on and got its eleventh 5 star rating, thanks everyone for trying out my plugin and leaving a rating or feedback. And I want to give a special thank you to the users who have been kind enough to support this plugin with a donation.

I just released Meteor Slides 1.2.3, which includes paged slide navigation. The paged buttons goes together with the left/right navigation and neither will be added to your slideshow unless you enable navigation in the settings.

You can see how the paged navigation works on my homepage. The buttons can be easily modified or even hidden completely with CSS if you would prefer a different design.

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